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Route NameDistanceBrief Description
Abingdon 10+10 Up to 20 miles OXSRAD - Abingdon, out and back route.
Barracks Lane loop 8.5m OXSRAD - Jack Straws - Sandfield Rd - Windmill Rd - Hollow Way - Barracks Lane - Southfield Park flats - Morell Av - Headington Hill - Headley Way - OXSRAD
Beckley - long route to Stanton St John via Oxfordshire Way, home through Barton 12.3 mixed on- and off-road route with challenging climbs at Elsfield and before Beckley.
Beckley 14 14 miles OXSRAD-Beckley-Horton cum Studley-Stanton St John loop
Club 5km 5 km Club 5km race, bypass A40 cycle lane
Club Time Trial 4.0 miles Club Time Trial route
Frances' 7 September Route 8.4m Parks, riverside and the town centre
Headington 10k 10km Headington 10k race route near Worminghall
Hills: Route 1 9 miles The ultimate Headington Hill Run: 8 ascents and descents
Hills: Route 2- Short Rep Loop on Sandfield Road 2 miles + Up Sandfield Rd as many times as you like !
MikeY's Sunday River Route 8.4m Oxsrad to Iffley, up river to Folly Bridge, Round Christ Church meadow and back over the Bouncy Bridge
Otmoor Circuit 18.35 miles The classic Sunday morning marathon training route from OXSRAD round the Otmoor villages.
park, meadow and canal 8.2 miles flat scenic run about two-thirds off road
Port Meadow - Osney - Hinksey loop and back 12.5 miles Mostly off-road, flat except for a stiffish climb up Cumnor Hill
Port Meadow, Thames, Wytham Woods Circuit 7.0 miles Port Meadow Car Park, Swinford, Wyathm Woods, Wytham Village and Port Meadow.
Shepherd Route 1 4.9 miles OXSRAD - Marston Ferry - University loop
Shepherd route 10 11 miles OXSRAD - Christchurch College - Hinksey Park - South Hinksey - Golf Club - Nature Trail - Botley - North Hinksey - Osney - River - Canal - University Parks - OXSRAD
Shepherd route 11 9 miles OXSRAD - cutteslowe bridge - five mile drive - down canal - hythe bridge st.- St Giles - wobbly bridge - lanes to Marston - Marston road- back to OXSRAD
Shepherd Route 2 6.7 miles OXSRAD - Marson Ferry - Woodstock Road - University loop
Shepherd Route 3 7.8 miles OXSRAD-Univ Parks-Port Meadow-Marston
Shepherd Route 4 8.0 miles OXSRAD-Headington-Barracks Lane
Shepherd Route 5 15 miles OXSRAD-Wolvercote-Port Meadow-Iffley
Shepherd Route 6 6.5 miles OXSRAD-Risinghurst-Lewis-Limekilns-house- Shotover-Headington
Shepherd Route 7 8.3 miles OXSRAD, Elsfield, onto Beckley, back via Barton Hill
Shepherd Route 8 10 miles Wolvercote - Thrupp return
Shepherd Route 9 11.03 miles OXSRAD - Cutteslowe Park - Canal - Christ Church - Marston Rd- Mesopotamia
Shotover and Wheatley 11.5 miles + mixed hilly route through footpaths up to Shotover and Wheatley. Back through Horspath and Shotover again
Shotover Route 1: Wheatley-Windmill and back 5 miles Shotover to Wheatley then back to Shotover via Windmill and Sandy lane
Southfield golf club, river, Mesapotamia 10 miles A mixed route of on an off road, the only real hill (upwards) is at the start.
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