Round Norfolk Relay
Date:14 Sep 2019
Full results:
Comments:Glorious weather for the weekend's race around the Norfolk coast and county boundary. 198 miles in 27:53:47 and finishing less than 10 minutes off our team time estimate. 70%+ age graded results for Doug (multi terrain), John G, John F, Neville (also m-t) and Marie-Anne (77.4%); excellent run from John F 12th in his stage. Nobody got lost - yay! - and a good time was had by all.
116.09Doug Simpson02:06:0207:2771.9
214.06David Sawyer02:05:4109:0862.9
35.76Jullie Keyser01:02:0610:4760.4
411.14John Griffiths01:28:2407:5670.1
510.81Laurie Hurman01:39:3209:1262.8
67.90Rachael Hall01:28:0111:0844.3
79.24Catriona Scott01:16:4508:1861.9
87.52Helen Reed01:15:3610:0348.9
916.60Ulen Neale02:35:0709:2154.7
1018.13Tristan Clarke02:07:4507:0365.1
1112.45Philip Lister01:51:0108:5564.7
1219.67John Fenning02:08:5706:3371.2
1313.25Sandra Harding-Brown02:04:3609:2464.8
147.27Marie-Anne Fischer00:59:0908:0877.4
1510.59Lynn Featherstone01:28:5308:2460.6
165.49Ed Byard00:44:1208:0354.2
1711.73Neville Baker01:32:0007:5174.0 
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Entered by: Mary Russell

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