Club Timetrial

This is a 4 mile road run held on each second Thursday of the month from April to September organised by Will Atkinson. The route is through north Oxford and is a handicapped series where each runner competes against his or her best time. We welcome runners from other clubs, but please email us first to let us know you will be coming.

Note: there has been be a new course since 2005 season. The new start will be about 20m beyond the Elsfield Rd on the cycle path and the finish is at the end of the Marston Ferry Road just beyond where the route used to turn right to circle through the underpass. Mark Hirst measured the new course and marked the Start, Finish and mile points on the ground. It is exactly 4 miles long. Click here to view the course map and details.

See the event diary for dates for the current season.

How the timetrial handicap system works

The handicap system tries to ensure that everyone finishes at 8pm. The winner is the first person to finish. The first time you run the timetrial your time becomes your handicap time. Next month you will start that length of time before 8pm. If you fail to break your handicap, i.e. you arrive after 8pm, an allowance of 3 seconds will be added to your handicap time for the month after. As you accumulate successive timetrials without breaking your handicap, the allowance becomes steadily more generous; to be precise the allowance is 3 raised to the power of n seconds, where n is the number of successive timetrials since you last broke your handicap. There is a constraint on the allowance so it never exceeds the number of seconds by which you failed to break your handicap. When you break your handicap, 90% of the time by which you broke your handicap is deducted from your allowance for next month and n is reset to zero. After all the calculations above, start times are rounded down to the nearest 10 seconds, to help me cope with the start. Start times will be available on the night of the timetrial. It is your responsibility to note your start time and get to the start in good time.

At the finish you should collect one of Stuart's numbered finishing washers and with any luck we will be able to match up finishing times with people after it is all over.

To qualify for the final you must run 3 timetrials out of the 5 available before September. The Lineshot Trophy engraved with their name for posterity will go to the first person to finish the final.

2021 timetrial Results
2021-04-15 Results
2021-05-13 Results
2021-06-10 Results
2021-07-08 Results
2021-08-12 Results
2021-09-02 Results
2021-09-02 Results
2020 timetrial Results
2020-04-09 Results
2020-05-14 Results
2020-06-11 Results
2020-07-09 Results
2020-08-13 Results
2020-09-10 Results
2019 timetrial Results
2019-04-11 Results
2019-05-09 Results
2019-06-13 Results
2019-07-18 Results
2019-08-08 Results
2019-09-05 Results
2018 timetrial Results
2018-04-12 Results
2018-05-10 Results
2018-06-14 Results
2018-07-19 Results
2018-08-09 Results
2018-09-06 Results
2017 timetrial Results
2017-04-13 Results
2017-05-11 Results
2017-06-08 Results
2017-07-13 Results
2017-08-10 Results
2017-09-07 Results
2016 timetrial Results
2016-04-14 Results
2016-05-12 Results
2016-06-09 Results
2016-07-14 Results
2016-08-25 Results
2016-09-08 Results
2015 timetrial Results
2015-04-09 Results
2015-05-14 Results
2015-06-11 Results
2015-07-09 Results
2015-08-13 Results
2015-09-10 Results
2014 timetrial Results
2014-04-10 Results
2014-05-08 Results
2014-06-12 Results
2014-07-17 Results
2014-08-14 Results
2014-09-04 Results
2013 timetrial Results
2013-04-11 Results
2013-05-09 Results
2013-06-13 Results
2013-07-11 Results
2013-08-22 Results
2013-09-05 Results
2012 timetrial Results
2012-04-12 Results
2012-05-10 Results
2012-06-14 Results
2012-07-12 Results
2012-08-09 Results
2012-09-06 Results
2011 timetrial
21st April 2011Results
12th May 2011 Results
16th June 2011 Results
21st July 2011 Results
11th August 2011 Results
Final: 15th September 2011Results
2010 timetrial
8th April 2010Results
13th May 2010 Results
17th June 2010 Results
8th July 2010 Results
12th August 2010 Results
Final: 16th September 2010Results
2009 timetrial
9th April 2009Results
14th May 2009Results
18th June 2009Results
9th July 2009Results
13th August 2009Results
Final: 10th September 2009Results
2008 timetrial
10th April 2008Results
8th May 2008Results
12th June 2008Results
10th July 2008Results
14th August 2008Results
Final: 4th September 2008Results
2007 timetrial
12th April 2007Results
10th May 2007Results
14th June 2007Results
12th July 2007Results
9th August 2007Results
Final: 6th September 2007 Results
2006 timetrial
13th April 2006Results
11th May 2006Results
8th June 2006Results
13th July 2006Results
10th August 2006Results
Final: 7th September 2006Results
2005 timetrial
14th April 2005Results
12th May 2005Results
9th June 2005Results
21st July 2005Results
18th August 2005Results
Final: 8th September 2005Results

Before 2005, the results are for the old, 4.7 mile club timtrial course.

2004 timetrial
8th April 2004Results
13th May 2004Results
10th June 2004Results
8th July 2004Results
19th August 2004
Final: 9th September 2004Results
2003 timetrial
10th April 2003Results
8th May 2003Results
12th June 2003Results
10th July 2003Results
14th August 2003Results
Final: 11th September 2003Results
2002 timetrial
18th April 2002Results
9th May 2002Results
20th June 2002Results
11th July 2002Results
8th August 2002
Final: 12th September 2002
2001 timetrial
12th April 2001Results
10th May 2001Results
14th June 2001Results
12th July 2001 Results
23rd August 2001 Results
Final: 13th September 2001Results
2000 timetrial
13th April 2000Results
11th May 2000Results
8th June 2000Results
13th July 2000Results
10th August 2000Results
Final: 14th September 2000Results